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I am always grateful to hear feedback from my clients.

Please find below a selection of these testimonials. More feedback
and comments can be found on Netmums and Facebook.

Pregnancy Massage

Sian and Elijah  Aug-Sep 11:
I would absolutely recommend Elkie’s baby massage class as I have seen so many benefits to my baby and I already. The classes are in an intimate and relaxed environment, with the wonderful Elkie who is so personable and warm. You learn techniques to help and treat your baby to, as well as having what feels like a coffee break with friends! It is great value for money in my opinion and a must have for all mums. 

Felicia & baby Clarry Aug-Sept 11:
I really appreciate that the classes are so small and its in such a welcoming and relaxed environment. I feel so much more confident when massaging my baby after only 2 classes and its great to feel I can help him relax
as well as help him with his wind. I think the course is good value for money and would urge any mum to give
it a go.

Kay & Imogen Carey Aug – Sept 11:
“Ive only completed two of Elkies baby massage classes and can already see a considerable difference in my 9 week old daughter, she is calmer before bed time, sleeps longer and settles herself to sleep more often than she did before. During the day if she is restless or has a tummy ache I feel confident that the massage will ease these symptoms and calm her down quickly. Which is great rather than feeling helpless looking at your screaming child with nothing you can do to make them stop. My daughter loves the massage and the classes and I am teaching my husband what I learned each time so we can ensure it stays part of our evening bed time routine. I would say to anyone thinking of booking this course do it right away, I haven’t looked back this is something for us both to enjoy for years to come and it is good value for money. The information received on e-mail is also invaluable and provides a good prompter to the different massage movements. Overall I have found it a great opportunity to further bond with my daughter and give her something back”

Hayley and Elspeth May, June and July 11:
I have recently completed both the baby massage and baby yoga courses with my baby Elsie and have noticed her changing dramatically week by week. We started baby massage at around 12 weeks and I noticed that it relaxed her and made her feel comfortable and confident in exploring her body. She quickly became aware of her hands and feet and bringing her hands together to hold objects. By the end of the course we had no more tears at bedtime or bath time and a very content little lady. 

We started baby yoga when Elsie was coming up to five months and after the first week she found her feet even more and started sucking her toes as a substitute for her thumb! Week on week I noticed more and more happening and by the end of the 4 week course she was sitting up and rolling both ways. After finishing the fourth week she has now become so aware of how her body is able to move that she has begun shuffling around the house either on her back or by rolypolying from one room to the next! I believe that the course has helped her process these physically discoveries as fun rather than scary or daunting leaps in her development and that seems to explain why she doesn't stop until she goes to bed!

Jo 14 weeks second pregnancy:
Elkie's massage helped relax and relieve a tired achey back. I'd been having problems sleeping since becoming pregnant again and the massage rejuvenated me and I slept well for the first time, in what feels like ages. I will be making it a regular treat!

September 2009 Alex says:
Elkie's pre natal massage was truly amazing. I had been suffereing from a stiff back and neck (the normal pregnancy niggles). Elkie was able to ease all the discomfort and made me feel so much better. She talked me each of the areas of my body in which she was working and what the benefits were so I understood what was going on. She was so professional and certainly knows her stuff. The massage took place in such a relaxed and comfortable environment. I will be returning for many more before my baby arrives and would recommend Elkie's massage to every pregnany lady who wants relief from discomfort or just a well deserved pampering.

Louise French:
I had an excellent massage with Elkie whilst pregnant. The massage was so relaxing and Elkie paid particular attention to my problem areas, lower back and shoulders. It is such a shame I did not find Elkie until later in my pregnancy as I would have had many more. A truly wonderful experience and must for all pregnant ladies. I on the next baby massage courses that are running in June.

Jo Mizen
Elkie's massage helped relax and relieve a tired achey back. I'd been having problems sleeping since becoming pregnant again and the massage rejuvenated me and I slept well for the first time, in what feels like ages. I will be making it a regular treat!

Deep Tissue Massage

Neil in Bromley:
" Having had many massages in a number of places around the world, I can safely say that this was one of the best I have experienced. It was the perfect blend of relaxation and relief for sore muscles. Elkie was quickly able to identify my main areas of tension (calves, right shoulder) and concentrated on loosening these."

Baby Massage

"I would highly recommend baby massage with Elkie to any new parent. We have absolutely loved the course and I have seen many changes in my 12 week old daughter since starting - mainly day time sleep and an overall sense of calm. Aside from the benefits of the massage it also provided an excellent opportunity to spend time with other new Mum's sharing our challenges and tips on how to survive early parenthood. Elkie was an excellent instructor who made us all feel really welcome and relaxed ourselves - so there were benefits for the Mum's too!"... Karen

Finn Finn
"Elkie's classes are small and very friendly and relaxed, months later we are still using the techniques, Finn especially loves his feet massaged! Elkie makes the sessions fun and personalises them to your needs.  Highly recommended!" ... Helen

violet Violet
"I recently completed one of Elkie's 4 week courses and have since been the drop in classes. Both myself and my daughter (we started the course when she was 7 weeks old) have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to continue to do so. Elkie has created a tranquil and relaxing environment for the babies and has thought of everything (no mean feat when babies are concerned). The classes not only taught us massage techniques but included information/discussion on how touch aids the childs development. It was also our favourite place to chat with other mums and enjoy a lovely cuppa!"... Alison

sofia Sofia
"These classes were fab ..... Elkie and her home were so welcoming and it was a lovely environment to learn baby massage.  Would highly recommend BM as it provides such special bonding time for me and my daughter and the class is a great excuse for adult chat and chocolate biscuits!  Thanks Elkie" ... Joanna 

Aaron April 2010 Joanne with baby Aaron
"Baby massage has by far been the most rewarding, relaxing and enjoyable class that I have attended with my son. Elkie creates a wonderfully calm, tranquil atmosphere which allows you and your baby to completely unwind and enjoy the session. Her teaching technique is very encouraging and the massage moves are presented in a simple to follow routine which has made it so much easier to continue the massage at home,(something my 5 month old son loves after his bath!) Not only did the class give me another lovely way to bond with my son, it was also a great way to unwind and chat with other mums at the end of the session - with a cup of tea and a delicious selection of biscuits! The drop-in sessions that Elkie holds once a month are a lovely excuse to catch up and also practise the techniques again."

May 2010 Nikki with baby Maya says:
"I cannot recommend Elkie and her wonderful baby massage classes enough. Elkie creates a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for both parent and baby. She is patient, thorough and she ensures all of her clients get the most out of every class with clear step-by-step instructions. It's also a great excuse to chat to other mums and dads along with a welcome cup of tea and biscuits. I will definitely be recommending Elkie to all my friends and family."

sasha March 2010 Kate with baby Sasha:
"My 5 month old son has a motor disorder and I heard that baby massage could be beneficial so my husband and I took an individual massage course with Elkie. It was a fantastic experience. The massage has had a noticable positive effect on my son's movement as well as providing a fantastic bonding opportunity. Elkie is wonderful, very warm and friendly. She taught us the massage at our own pace and researched our situation to provide us with the most appropriate information. She went out of her way to help us. I really can't recommend this course highly enough."

February 2010 Colleen with baby Alexa says:
"I have just completed Elkie's baby massage class with my 14 week old daughter and we both loved it! Elkie creates a very calm and relaxed atmosphere in her home, the small classes and her informal but very personable manner of teaching made the whole experience extremely enjoyable.
In the four weeks that I attended I saw my daughter get more and more from her massage's and not only did I enjoy the whole bonding experience with her, but also the chats over coffee afterwards were a great way for the mums to finish the chilled out sessions.
We are now looking forward to attending some of her drop in classes!"

November 2009 Beth with baby Emma says:
"Elkie is a very special lady who creates a truly relaxed and conducive environment for Baby Massage. She is highly knowledgeble and very approachable and reassuring. In those first few scary months of being a mummy, attending her class is a way of bonding with your baby and feeling more confident in yourself. Elkie has a lovely demeanour and makes the class a joy to attend. I have attended other baby massage classes and hers is by far superior in terms of setting, content and vibe. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

October 2009 Daniela with baby Julia says:
"I also took part in this course in Sept/Oct and it was a great experience! The atmosphere created by Elkie in her own home is a truly special one, very welcoming, relaxed and lovely. She is a really calm person and I thoroughly enjoyed her course. She keeps the participants number small and I think that's excellent as you really feel special and part of a small group where you get plenty of attention! My then 4 month old baby really enjoyed it and I am trying to keep up the good work by massaging her at home myself! I would highly reccomend it!!"

September 2009 Samantha with baby Iestyn says:
"I am currently on week 3 of Elkie's Baby massage course and have such good things to say! The atmosphere is just perfect for massage, and I can already see the benefits that massage has,not only for the child but for us as parents too, as well as building confidence for both parent and baby, massage is fantastic for bonding. Such a relaxing activity perfect for destressing the busiest of parents. I will definately be recommending Elkie to my friends."

Saffa and Oilver Riley May 2010
Elkie’s bubs and mama massage course is excellent, she makes it personal, interactive and fun.
She is patient, motivating and a knowledgeable trainer and the fact she has a daughter of her own also means that she can really relate to the other mums and give useful advice.
The courses are fun for both bubs and mum and I would recommend Elkie and her courses to anyone. She’s brilliant I have just signed up for a further four weeks.

Alex & Max - What did you like best about the class?
The relaxed atmosphere on arrival so we had time to get ourselves all ready and organized. So many classes have quite an abrupt start and if you’re not quite ready it can make you feel out of control before its even begun!!
The chance to talk and ask questions throughout was brilliant.
Elkie, you had such a calm approach throughout and sense of humour which made it so enjoyable. I also loved the way you explained everything thoroughly as you went.
A lovely opportunity at the beginning of each session to say what our little ones had achieved that week.

baby matthew Cath and baby Matthew:
When we did the course is was a really nice time to spend with Matty. You could see that he enjoyed the massage, so it was very rewarding. Months down the track, Matty is very energetic wriggler but I am still able to grab a few calm moments after a bath to apply a few "this little piggy massage moves" which we both love.

baby hannah Gemma and Hannah:
Hannah and I did the Baby Massage course in May 2010 when Hannah was about 10 weeks.  We both absolutely loved it! Baby Massage has been the most beneficial class and activity we have attended so far, I cannot recomend it highly enough. I use the techniques on Hannah once or twice a day depending on her mood and as well as improving her tummy trobles it has provided a fantastic bonding experience for us - which has been particularly important for me as I was devastated to be unble to breastfeed. Elkie is an amazing instructor and has created a warm and friendly environment in her home which Hannah was very relaxed in. We will defiitely be coming back fo the refresher classes! Thank you Elkie :-)

baby hannah Clare and Fern:
Elkie's massage course was fantastic. She made you feel welcome and so at ease. The classes are also small and intimate so you really feel like you are getting the one to one treatment. Fern absolutely loved her baby massage course and enjoyed the relaxing time we spent on the classes. We now use the techniques Elkie taught us in our daily routine and Fern is so chilled out I'm sure the massage has a lot to do with it. Thanks Elkie for teaching us the skills to enjoy relaxing time with our precious daughter.

henry Anna and Henry:
Elkie's baby massage course is wonderful! It not only tought me lots about my boy, his body and behavior, it also gave me time to relax and meet other mums. The massage is now an integral part of our bet time routine. Besides the wonderful one-to-one time it gives me and Henry, it also helped with his sleeping and digesting. Henry and I really enjoyed our time with Elkie and we want say big thank you!

eleni Gemma and Eleni:
Elkie provides the perfect atmosphere for a lovely relaxing and friendly class, and the moves taught are simple and effective. My daughter Eleni started at 6 weeks old and after the first lesson the changes were immediate for us, she was so chilled out and actually slept for the first time without being rocked to sleep. We use the moves at home as part of our routine and Eleni loves the closeness. The responses I get from her are fantastic - lots of smiles and cooing. She really seems to enjoy massage and I hope we can join some of the drop in sessions in the near future.

group 2

Hannah and Nancy:
Elkie’s baby massage classes were an absolutely fantastic experience. My daughter really loves massage and it is so lovely to be able to touch her in this way, knowing that it will benefit her. I found the course to be educational and fun and Elkie goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. I would recommend this course as an ideal opportunity of spending quality one on one time with your baby, it has undoubtedly enhanced my daughter’s bedtime routine; she thoroughly enjoys the experience (as do I) and she settles to sleep much more quickly than before. Thank you so much Elkie, I’m just sorry that the classes have finished!!!

Vicky and Jacob:
For me, the course achieved quality time with Jacob and taught me to be in less of a hurry to dress him and spend more time appreciating him. I massage him after his bath before bed which has stopped him crying before bedtime. Lisa and Luca I agree with Vickys comments. I found the massage course to be a real bonding experience with Luca. As you know the first week he didn't enjoy it one bit but he really loved it by the end. Maybe I wasn't touching him enough and he felt uncomfortable which changed over the last few weeks, so I really appreciate that. I also found the music helped to relax Luca when putting him to bed at night.

Camille Karen & Camille:
I would highly recommend baby massage with Elkie to any new parent. We have absolutely loved the course and I have seen many changes in my 12 week old daughter since starting - mainly day time sleep and an overall sense of calm. Aside from the benefits of the massage it also provided an excellent opportunity to spend time with other new Mum's sharing our challenges and tips on how to survive early parenthood. Elkie was an excellent instructor who made us all feel really welcome and relaxed ourselves - so there were benefits for the Mum's too!

tallulah Karen & Tallulah June- July Express Class (2 weeks) 2010
I really looked forward to the classes each week and Elkie made us feel really relaxed and comfortable in her home. I was eager to learn to become more tactile with Tallulah and to be able to sooth and calm her. I found that the massage made Tallulah calmer and easier to settle down to sleep.

Louise and Evie June – July 2010
Baby massage is a must do class for you and your baby. It gives you the perfect opportunity to learn how to relax your baby, learn the all important winding techniques and also allows you to make new friends! This class gives you the basis of a great massage and it's so lovely to see the babies zonked out at the end! I have now made it part of our bedtime routine. Really great and the cup of tea at the end is lovely.

oscar Gemma and Oscar June – July 2010
Elkie creates a warm and relaxing environment in which to spend time and bond with your baby which I found invaluable in those early weeks. Oscar suffered from colic and digestive problems in the first 12 weeks so I was tired and anxious and keen to find something to help relieve his discomfort. For me, the class was a lovely way to relax with him and other mothers & babies. 

Oscar loves the massage routines which are now part of his bath time routine and I love watching him squeal as he gets an all over body massage.

Colette and Emily June – July 2010
I was massaging Emily with Olive Oil after her bath every night anyway and very nearly didn’t go to Baby Massage classes. I am so glad that I did though as she loves it and it has taught me to massage her properly and in a way that benefits her. Emily was also a little constipated before I started the classes and hasn’t had any problems at all since I have been massaging her regularly. I now wish I had started earlier.

thomasChristine and Thomas August 2010 
Baby massage is the perfect class for bonding with your child.  It also will help with any sleep or digestive problems.   For us, this was almost instant and was well worth the classes.  The classes are small and friendly and Elkie is the best teacher!  :o)

Lucy & Emily August 2010
Baby massage is a great experience for both you and your baby.  if feel that it gave myself and my daughter something which we can continue to use at home and it enable us to have some one on one time together which is very special.  You get to learn massage on different parts of your babies body each week and then you can go home and practise for a week before starting on a new body part which is much easier than trying to learn it all in one go.  I found it very rewarding.  Elkie you really put me and i'm am sure the rest of our class at ease.  I felt very relaxed during all of our sessions and you were very welcoming and friendly throughout the whole course.

ruby Katy and Ruby August 10
When Ruby had a cold, the face massage was fantastic for letting me wipe her nose and help relieve congestion. I thoroughly recommend it! Elkie is friendly and down to earth and made every class fun and enjoyable. I have learned that you are never too young to enjoy a massage and nappy off time doesn't mean a big mess.

Jo & Ava October 2010
I found the Bubs and Mama baby massage classes so relaxing and calming for both myself and my 7 week old daughter who absolutely loved it.  Was great to have this special bonding time with her especially as I have a lively toddler so the classes was our special time together.  Elkie was lovely and very informative throughout the course on the benefits of massage plus it was a good place to sit and have a good chinwag about the with other mums.  Would definately recommend her classes to any new mums or mums to be!

Dani & Joe October 2010
Joe (18 weeks) and I have loved our baby massage classes, i really feel i now have a better understanding how to help joe if has tummy upset or teething pains, he has just had a horrible cold and i used what i learned to help clear the congestion so he could breathe more easily. Its also lovely to spend some nice relaxing quality time with him and being rewarded with a good nights rest, he sleeps like a baby after a massage! The classes have been fun informative and really enjoyable, we have both loved every minute of them and will really miss coming! 

harry baby massageHope and Harry October 2010
I have found the baby massage sessions really enjoyable, so much so that I have booked another course of four sessions.  The sessions are relaxing and my son Harry seems to really enjoy the masssaging.  He appears happy and relaxed throughout each session.  Our instructor Elkie provides valuable informaton about the benefits of the massages and this has been extremely useful to take away.  On a final note, Elkie is lovely, engaging and extremely welcoming.  I would recommend a course of her baby massage sessions to all new mothers.

Carina and Liam October & November 2010
My son and I have just completed the 4 week massage course at Bubs and Mama and I can't recommend it highly enough! It was the highlight of my week for that month and I really looked forward to the relaxing and friendly atmosphere that Elkie creates in her class. The class was small and we were all made to feel so welcome and comfortable. Elkie is a great teacher and her knowledge and enthusiasm for baby massage made the whole thing a wonderful experience for me and my baby - he slept for hours after each class! I learned a lot and will continue to make massage a part of my children's routines. Highly recommended!! 

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