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Baby Massage courses 90 minute sessions over four weeks £60
Week by week instructions on how to massage your baby with lots of supporting documentation included, oil, mats towels and refreshments. Benefits of baby massage include better sleeping patterns, improved elimination and relief with colic and wind a wonderful gift for baby and mum.

Baby Yoga courses 60 minute sessions over four weeks £40
Week by week we go over different yoga moves for babies, improving flexibility and movement in a fun way by using singing and rhymes. Mums get to enjoy positive breathing techniques, relaxation and a few gentle stretches too. A fantastic follow up from baby massage to help keep that strong bond and enjoy positive time out with baby.

Deep Tissue Massage 30 minutes £35; 60 minutes £45
From the soles of your feet to the top of your scalp I will find all of those niggles with a fantastic deep tissue treatment. I will work within your comfort zone using techniques used from my sports and Swedish massage training. Great for stiff, knotted and painful areas, cellulite breakdown and shoulder tension.

Swedish and Holistic Massage £35 50 minutes
A relaxing treatment to relieve and melt away tension from head to toe and catch up on some well needed sleep in the tranquil candle lit surroundings with a Swedish and holistic sequence massage, Indian head massage and some reflexology techniques making you feel refreshed and renewed. Very healing and calming.

Hot stone massage 60 minutes £45; 90 minutes £60
The most relaxing treatment with wonderful benefits hot stones are used for placement around the body and on the main chakras. Hot stones and essential oils are used to massage the body. It is said that one stroke of a heated stone is the same as 5 of a therapist's hand.

Pregnancy massage 55 minutes £35
Fantastic for creating a happy calm pregnancy enhancing the connection between mother and growing baby helps with swelling in hands, feet and ankles, eases muscular discomforts in the lower back, neck and calf cramps. Massage also increases oxygen in the blood to help with fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

Hopi Ear Candling & Facial massage 60 minutes £27
Can help with lots of conditions to include; snoring, sinusitis, headaches and migraines, pressure regulation for flying or diving and hay fever. The treatment is finished with a fantastically dreamy lymphatic drainage facial massage to improve blood flow to the area and drain toxins.

Acupressure Chair massage based on 3x20minute treatments £45
No oils are used for this 15-20 massage client is placed on a special chair for access to the back fully dressed. Acupressure points are used to help with back and shoulder tension, helping the muscles around the neck to improve circulation and prevent migraine and headaches. On-site in the office or at conferences.

4-Hand massage based on 60 minute treatment £58
It is literally as it sounds, two therapists combing four hands to give you double the massage in one hour. Using their knowledge and experience of various different types of massage treatments Elkie and Sara have instinctively combined basic Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, hot stone and Sports/Deep Tissue Massage to create their own unique experience.

For further information on treatments or to book a treatment/ request a gift voucher either sent directly to the intended receiver or you, please contact Elkie on 020 8468 7725; 07872 018 545 or email me on info@bubsandmama.co.uk 

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