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"We began baby massage when Sophie was 15wks old and just about 9lbs, it was one of the best experiences together. It was wonderful to learn other ways to soothe my tiny Sophie, and how to listen to her. We found the handouts very helpful since we went home every week after massage and taught her dad how to do it. It became their daily bonding time after her baths. I do believe it has helped us both become more confident in holding and touching her.  Our health visitor recommended baby massage to help with Sophie's development since she was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at birth, and her development has been going very well. I do believe that baby massage has played a big part. I personally found massage very relaxing. Elkie (with her beautiful baby bump) has such a fantastic demeanor and creates such a warm and comforting atmosphere, it felt like I was the one that had the massage when we were done.  In terms of Sophie, well this picture says it all. It was taken shortly after a massage session. We are now looking forward to baby yoga with Elkie"...Sophie & Julisa O'Boyle, July 2011  

"If you only do one baby class I would suggest you try baby massage. As soon as you meet Elkie you’ll feel relaxed, which is really important when you go to a class with new people with your young baby. At her classes you meet like minded people and learn the benefits of massage, which you will see in your baby after the first few massages. You’ll find out how to massage your baby to help with symptoms of colds, colic, wind and constipation. Not only will you learn massage techniques, but you’ll also gain knowledge and understanding of why touch is so beneficial to all. You’ll have time to discuss anything to do with massage and any other topics relating to babies, which is a great way to make friends with other new mums. This has been the best class I’ve been to for a few reasons. Firstly, the bond I now have with Herbie has increased, as I understand cues he showing me and have seen how to help him. Secondly, Elkie’s approach to everyone made it different to the usual baby classes. By the second class I felt as if Elkie was a friend rather than just someone teaching me massage techniques. I was never made to feel stupid if I had a question to ask, which as a first time mum happens often with other people. I would recommend any of Elkie’s classes to everyone and will be telling any of my friends who have a baby in the future to go"
...Ros, Del & Herbie June 2011

"I would recommend this as the must-do baby class for all new mums. It has been a great way to meet other new mothers and their babies and give each other the support in those early weeks/months when we’re all trying to do everything and do it all so perfectly. Elkie provides a great sense of calm as well as being a great teacher of massage. I just had such a lovely time bonding with my baby – holding her close to me and getting to know her without the distraction of the phone / checking emails or cleaning the house – it was just great mother/baby time and just what we needed. I’d like to continue it in the future and will definitely be getting my next pregnant friend the baby massage vouchers"...Sule & Safiye June 2011

"Me and Regan took the baby massage class in May 2011 when Regan was 9 weeks old. We both absolutely loved the course, and I looked forward to Tuesday mornings each week! Elkie and her home are both lovely and very welcoming, as a first time mum I was apprehensive about going to any groups and this was definitely the best place to start. The massage techniques we learnt are great, we still use the twice a day, Regan really enjoys his massage time, if he is unsettled just seeing me ask permission for massage brings a smile to him and the massage guarantees a happy 20 minutes!! I have seen improvements in Regan’s sleeps and the natural massage oil has really helped his eczema, the massage also provides brilliant bonding time for me and him. The handouts and emails at each class are also really interesting and a nice extra touch. I think the class is great! Good value for money, a brilliant place to meet other mums, a welcoming environment, a great opportunity to learn something that will benefit your baby and a fabulous excuse for a chocolate biscuit and a chat! In fact we enjoyed ourselves so much me and Regan will be starting Elkie’s baby yoga class next week too!"...Rachel and Regan May 2011

"I did Elkie's baby massage class in April 2011 with my then 4 and a half month old daughter and I cannot praise it highly enough! As a new mum I hadn't been anywhere and was trying to get to grips with everything when I saw the 'Bubs and Mama' website. I called up to enquire and straight away was made to feel extremely welcome to join. My daughter Sienna was having digestion problems and not sleeping very well but after a couple of weeks on the course her digestion significantly improved and she began to sleep!! The classes were relaxed and fun for both me and Sienna and I was sad when the course ended but hopefully I will be able to do future drop in sessions. I must also say that the deep tissue massage Elkie offers the mums at the end if the course is a must! It was so relaxing and for the hour made me feel carefree again. Not only did my little one get lovely massages but I got one at the end too. Fantastic! I will definitely be taking my next baby to Elkie's baby massage!!"...Joycelyn and Sienna Ramsay April 2011

Learning baby massage was one of the best things I have done with Oliver. Oliver loves being massaged particularly his legs and back and he loves the gentle exercises we learnt too (even though we do them to me singing "the Can Can" music!). Massage has really helped us bond and made me feel more confident in handling a little baby. Elkie is a fantastic teacher you can tell that massage is a vocation for her and not just a job, I would recommend the course to all new mums
...Claire and Oilver March 2011

Over a period of 4 weeks I learnt how to massage my son.  I built it in as part of his bedtime routine which has helped prepare him for bedtime and sleeping.  I started the course when he was two and a half months old.  By the end of the course I believe the massage has helped him sleep better through the night...Helen and Benjamin

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for our baby massage course - it was very therapeutic for Polly AND me!
Greta & Polly

I was recommened elkies class by a friend at baby group and im glad i was. It was such a welcome, relaxing enviroment as soon as you walk in for both mum and baby. Not only did i learn a great massage technique but it was a chance to really build a special bond with my daughter Halle-jay. I would highly recommmend the class to all new mums it was also a chance to make some new friends...Rachel & Halle December 2010

I did the Baby Massage course in May 2010 when Hannah was about 10 weeks. We both absolutely loved it! Baby Massage has been the most beneficial class and activity we have attended so far. I cannot recomend it highly enough. I use the techniques on Hannah once or twice a day depending on her mood and as well as improving her tummy trobles it has provided a fantastic bonding experience for us - which has been particularly important for me as I was devastated to be unble to breastfeed. Elkie is an amazing instructor and has created a warm and friendly environment in her home which Hannah was very relaxed in. We will defiitely be coming back fo the refresher classes! Thank you Elkie :-)

Being a first time mama is, although truly magical, a very daunting time. The baby massage course 'holds your hand' in the initial weeks & months & allowed me to really get to know my daughter. It allows you to bond even more with your baby through both the physical touch and the emotional connection that the massage supports. The techniques also helped to build Etti's confidence & contented demeanour. Elkie has created an invaluable experience for both you & your baby. If only we had a few more Elkie's in this world.. It would most definitely be a happier place; what a rare gemlet you are :-) Thank you for now and for the benefits I know we'll have in the years to come!...Kirsty & Etana March 2011

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